About Maps…


There is nothing new about maps...
Many, many years ago humans began interpreting their surroundings by tracing their world. They needed to get around their territory, follow trade routes and return home safely.

It is not known when this first map was made but it was a monumental step in our evolution. It is said that the Inuit held virtually perfect maps in there mind; a necessity to their survival. One of the oldest folded maps in existence was found in ancient Egypt.
And, of course, it was used for tax collection purposes!

Maps promoting businesses have a long history. Our research took us back over 500 years. Business people know the enduring value that a map brings to their marketing and customer service effort.

Today maps are used even more than ever. Every bit of our planet is charted. Even deep space is depicted on a map. Why? Because people love to share the discoveries they have made! They help uncertain travelers by becoming the basis for enjoyable outings. From trail maps to travel maps, they continue to provide great value to the user.

All maps are not created equal... because needs are different.
Boaters need charts to avoid the rocks and hikers need topographical maps to know their way back.

Maps are the top requested literature in tourism. And Picture This has created the ideal tourism map to help people find you!

Give your customers a free, accurate, yet easy reading guide map that has the major roads enhanced (and most others clearly marked), where public spaces are identified and full colour signs of the participating businesses are carefully placed right on our maps with arrows pointing exactly to their locations.